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Quinta de Passos S. Victor
4710-426 Braga

Telephone / Fax

+351 253 260 323 / +351 253 258 462

Informações Úteis

Localizado no cruzamento dos principais acessos à cidade, o Hospital, a Universidade do Minho e Centro Histórico, o Braga Retail Center tem vindo a afirmar-se como um excelente complemento à oferta existente. A boa localização, perto do novo acesso ao Hospital e estacionamento gratuito oferecem aos visitantes uma experiência de compra agradável.

Transportes Públicos

O Braga Retail Center é servido pelos seguintes autocarros:
18 e 19


About The Shopping Center

Braga Retail Center is an outdoor retail park with a unique location, inside the city of Braga outskirts. It early defined itself as a center of great opportunities with a wide range of trade and based on big brands. The easiness of parking and quick access to large department stores and a wide variety of articles, gives the customer a greater speed and comfort of choice in their purchases. The architecture itself reveals a special dedication to the expectations and needs of big brands who settled in the complex, highlighting their dynamism, elegance and design. The size of the project is also reflected in its economical proactivity for the region, because the brands installed there have the ability to offer their products at the best market price. It is a commercial space based on a new ideology of daily shopping, the convenience purchase, providing the customers a wide commercial offer and contribute to the development of all parts involved.

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Within Braga Retail Center, where are the public phones located?
Public Phones are beside the toilets.
Where are the toillets in Braga Retail Center?
Next to the coffee. The toilets consist of: Gentlemen, Ladies, Disabled and Baby Changing.
Where are the ATM Terminals?
There is a terminal next to the toilets and another inside the Minipreço Supermarket.
Where are the Lost and Found?
The Lost and Found are located in the Administration Office (Level 1).

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